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Competition Officials

Competition Officials
Every LAQ Carnival and Championships owes much of its success to the volunteer Officials. Prior to the commencement of each season, the Officials Committee calls for applications for Referees, Managers, Chiefs, Judges and general assistance for the admin, technical, track and field event areas. Applications are preferred between June and September of each year; however, they are accepted throughout the season.

All Officials submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) must provide details of their Blue Card status. To view the LAQ Blue Card policy, please use this link. If you have not yet applied for a blue card, please visit the Blue Card Services website for further information and application forms.

All LAQ Competition Officials are also required to comply with the Code of Conduct at any LAQ Competition. Checking-in on the day of competition prior to the start of the event is essential.

Use the links below to view EOIs received and upcoming LAQ Competition appointments. LAQ Competition appointments will also be posted in the TEAM APP LAQ Officials page as they become available. Individual notices will not be issued, unless the application is not accepted. Any Official that has applied and not on the appropriate appointment list(s) is encouraged to contact the LAQ Office.

Acknowledgement EOIs Received – updating soon

LAQ strives to appoint accredited Officials in Key and Chief roles. Appointments to LAQ competitions will be competency based, subject to specific criteria and will be assessed on an individual basis. Appointments may be changed at the discretion of the Officials Committee or Officials Manager. Centre members and parents attending LAQ Competitions are encouraged to help at the events if calls for assistance are made; and only requires a willingness to help.

Centre responsibilities at the State Championships Competitions
Centre, on a Region basis are assigned event areas to provide general assistance (retrievers, sector judges, recorders), at the State Relays Championships and State Championships. Each Region is also required to provide at least two Umpires (not appointed to specific roles) for the relays, 800m and 1500m events at these Competitions. Centre event allocations