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Malcolm Currie

Mal has an absolute belief in, and total dedication to Little Athletics, from his first day at Sunnybank, there was no doubt that Mal was, quite simply, sold on the benefits and opportunities that Little A’s provides both physically and socially to young athletes and their families.

He joined Sunnybank Centre in 1992 with his son and three daughters and dedicated himself to the running and development of Sunnybank Centre and the South East Region.

Mal joined the committee at Sunnybank and held the position of Centre Manager for 12 years and Technical Manager for 17 years. He was an active parent from the minute he set foot on the Sunnybank’s home ground. Mal was there early to set up every event area, acted as Starter for all track events and packed away all equipment every Centre competition. Mal also maintained the Centre’s field by mowing, line marking and keeping all equipment maintained throughout the duration of his 30 years on the committee.

Mal has been serving and officiating at Regional Level for over 30 years including time as Regional Coordinator, Technical Manager and Starter. He assisted in the running of the South East Regional Carnivals throughout his years as an active Centre committee member, contributing significantly to the running of Regional events and as Regional Co-ordinator when Sunnybank hosted the Regional competition. Mal has provided invaluable support to his Region as equipment officer continuously over many years and continues to date.

Mal has been part of LAQ’s Equipment and Technical team at all LAQ events for almost 20 years provides absolutely unwavering dedication to the Association at every LAQ event, at every location. He has been instrumental in the arena set-up at carnivals and championships and the transportation of equipment to LAQ events held in Bundaberg and Townsville.  At these competitions, Mal provides support by ensuring every event is set up with all required equipment for athletes, officials and parents to ensure that LAQ competitions and carnivals run smoothly for athletes, families and ultimately, the Association.

Over many years, Mal had a great mentor and friend in Barrie Cox, and now Mal is passing this his knowledge to the newer members of the Technical team.

He also served on LAQ’s Competition Committee for a number of years.

Mal has always been the first one to step up and ensure event areas are set up and ready to go whether at Centre, Regional or Association Competitions and Carnivals and follows through with assistance for the duration to ensure the days are successful for all involved. Mal displays a wonderful respect for his peers, athletes, families and officials alike, he leads by example and most certainly has the respect of the Little Athletics family far and wide.

Mal has been rewarded with many honours and awards for his contribution to Little Athletics.

  • LAQ Merit Award 2001
  • Sunnybank Centre Life Membership 2007
  • LAQ Distinguished Merit Award 2013
  • LAQ Official of the Year 2016
  • LAQ Volunteer of the Year 2019
  • LAQ Life Membership 2022

Beyond Little Athletics, Mal has been heavily involved in hockey as a former player and referee.

Mal has been a tremendous servant to Little Athletics for over 30 years and hopes to remain actively involved for many years to come.  He is an absolute stalwart for Little A’s, promoting the benefits of Little A’s at every opportunity.