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George Harvey

George has a quote which epitomises his passion for Little Athletics Queensland.

“If we cease to regard ourselves as a community activity first and an athletics activity second, we lose our reason and right to exist as a separate entity to mainstream athletics, particularly in the eyes of the Government”.

In July 1975, George attended a public meeting to look at forming a Centre at Kenmore. The success of that formation started George’s path into Little Athletics and the next 4 years saw his involvement both with the Centre Committee and as their starter on competition days.

In 1979 George was elected President of the then Queensland Little Athletics Association (now known as Little Athletics Queensland), a position which he held for 10 years.

George then turned his focus to Australian Little Athletics (now known as Little Athletics Australia) and in 1990 he was elected President. During this tenure he was assisted by 2 gentlemen, Don Yourell and Ken Watson, who shaped the future of both organisations. They were affectionately known as the three amigos.

Whilst President of LAA, George was able to bring the State Delegates together to agree on the national standardisation of events and equipment, a system which remains in place today.

In 1993 he took up the position of LAQ’s CEO for 3 years. He was also appointed by the Queensland Minister for Sport to the QLD Junior Sports Council, where he helped draft the new Junior Sports Policy for the Queensland Government.

Beyond Little Athletics he was also a member of the World Veterans Athletics Association in 2001.

George has been rewarded with many honours and awards throughout his life in Little Athletics, including our athlete Leadership Award, which is named in his honour. The George Harvey Leadership Award is awarded annually to one boy and one girl who best demonstrate they embrace the ideals of Little Athletics.

In 2010, George was inducted into the Athletics Australia Hall of Fame in the Volunteer Category.

George is affectionately known by many as the Godfather of Little Athletics in Queensland. His tireless work was instrumental in shaping our organisation into what it is today.

George still keeps an interest in what happens in Little Athletics from his retirement chair and enjoys attending the annual Awards Night with his wife, Andrea.

Honour Roll & Achievements
• LAQ Life Membership 1984
• Life Membership LAA 1996
• Australia Day Council Medal 1990
• Australian Sports Medal 2000
• LAA Hall of Fame Volunteer 2010