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Officials Introduction


Being an Official is a rewarding experience, particularly when you can be part of a team providing athletes of all ages and abilities a chance of achieving their best performance in a fair competition. Every Little Athletics Centre across the State needs a team of passionate Officials. Officials (and parent helpers) are very important to the effective conduct of competitions at Centre, Regional and State levels. There is a variety roles and positions that need to be filled at each competition. Some require technical knowledge and experience, whilst others are basic and only require a limited understanding of athletics.

Being an Official at your Centre

Whether you’re a parent, an athlete or coach, becoming an Official is a great opportunity to develop new skills and learn about athletics in a fun and welcoming environment. With diverse roles, areas and events including administration, walks, track and field; there is something for everyone.

Your Centre may offer induction or orientation sessions, which is non-accredited and practical based, providing individuals the ability and confidence to officiate at Centre Level. Most Centres offer basic instruction in all track and field events, combining the theory of rules with their practical application, along with the important aspects of safety, venue set up, recording results and handling of equipment. Your Centre Officials Officer can provide further information about officials learning or jump to this LAQ webpage.