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Officials Education and Learning

Take your officiating to the next level
LAQ offers Workshops and Seminars which are generally open to anyone that has an interest in officiating regardless of skill level or affiliated Centre; however, age or accreditation level restrictions may apply.  Instruction on track and field events combining the theory of rules with their practical application form the framework for most Workshops or Seminars which can be offered for different levels.  Depending on the level and delivery of the Workshop or Seminars, attendance can assist in various pathways or needs e.g. maintaining current level of accreditation, gaining higher accreditation level, or simply used as an introduction to officiating or as a refresher for the experienced Official.

LAQ Workshops and Seminars are flexible in format and normally offer at least three (3) event modules (Throws, Jumps, Track).  Some Workshops and Seminars offer modules for Recording, Race Walk Judging, EDM and Photo Finish.  Most will have sessions run concurrently or consecutively depending on the number of attendees and Presenters. All LAQ Workshops and Seminars are offered free of charge; however, registration is essential.  Registration can be completed online through the relevant link(s) below.

Any Officials Workshops and Seminars conducting by LAQ, or available to LAQ members will be promoted on this page.

Online Officials learning is also available through the Australian Athletics Officials Education Scheme AAOES.  The LAQ Workshops and Seminars would be a useful tool prior to completing the online learning.

Introduction to Officiating Workshop (IOW)
The LAQ IOW is ideal for parents / guardians or athletes looking for a solid introduction to officiating (helping) at Centre meets or Regional competitions.  These can also be a lead-in to gaining AAOES Level 1 accreditation.  If you are considering participating in this level of instruction, you may like to start your pathway by participating in the online Australian Sports Commission Course, Level O by using this link, it’s a great way to start.  Use the relevant ‘Register Now’ button to sign-up for an upcoming IOW. Please note, registrations for each IOW will close on the Monday leading into the Workshop date.

Future Workshop dates and venues will be listed below, and the registration link activated once confirmed.

Specialty Officials Workshop
Specialty Workshops are ideal for parents, guardians and officials looking for specific information on specific event / area rules, roles or processes that would be relevant to officiating (helping out) at Centre meets, Regional and State competitions.  Various modules will be offered during the 2024/25 season.