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Centre Competitions

Weekly Centre Activities / Competitions

The ethos of Little Athletics is Family, Fun & Fitness. It is LAQ’s aim that all Centre weekly activities / meet provide an avenue for this. A typical program can take between 1 to 3 hours, depending on the size of the Centre and the activities offered. Within this timeframe, athletes are provided an opportunity to participate in a maximum of six different activities. Centres will conduct activities / events for athletes in the U6 to U17 age groups, with some Centres also offering a Tiny Tot program for 3-4 year olds.

Each Centre conducts its weekly meet either in Summer or in Winter season and the events offered each week would vary from Centre to Centre, depending on the facilities available and the number of athletes. Play training or game based activities which focus on skill development and fun are also offered at Centres as part of the weekly competition. Games and activities are recognised as the best way of introducing young children, particularly the U6 age group, to the sport. Some Centres also continue some level of these games and activities through to U7’s and U8’s.

Centres may also provide coaching and or skills sessions for the athletes, to further improve their development and techniques in each event.

Centre Carnivals

A number of LAQ Centres conduct Carnivals or Pentathlons over and above their normal weekly Centre competitions. These Centre Carnivals are usually open to athletes from other Centres and will vary in the events offered and the period that they are conducted. LAQ approved Centre Carnivals are included in the LAQ Calendar of Events.

Please visit the web-Calendar for more information on those Centre Carnivals being offered.

Centres are required to have these Carnivals or Pentathlons sanctioned by LAQ for Administration and Insurance purposes. Centre Committees can access the application form using the appropriate link below.

               Centre Event Sanction Application Form

               Event Safety and Emergency Plan