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Facility & Risk Management

All Centres will have a lease or tenancy agreement with a council, school or other sporting organisation. The lease and tenancy agreement provide guidelines as to who is responsible for the use and maintenance of the facility.

It is important to have a good working partnership with the lessor or landlord. Centres should develop a good relationship by communicating regularly and  keeping the facility maintained and clear of hazards.

Any hire or tenancy agreements should be in writing and the agreement must be kept on file.

Facility & Ground Inspections

Centres will need to conduct a detailed inspection of the facility and grounds before the season gets underway. Inspections should also be conducted before each Weekly Competition to ensure that the grounds and facilities are at an acceptable and safe standard.

The inspection of the Field of Play should cover the following:

  • Clear of any debris such as rocks, rubbish, broken glass etc.
  • Indentations in the grounds have been covered with sand.
  • No overhanging branches, lose wiring or other obstructions.
  • Event areas are clearly marked
  • The lighting is sufficient if operating at night or late afternoon.
  • Adequate shaded areas.

The canteen, amenities, clubhouse and surrounds should also be clear of any hazards or obstacles.

The lease agreement will indicate the responsibility that both parties have towards the management of risks or hazards of the grounds. It is also important to advise the lessor of any hazards or risks and if action is required. All risks and hazards should be documented and kept on file.

Equipment Maintenance 

Equipment should be inspected regularly to allow for costs of replacement in the budget, if it becomes worn or is broken. Proper care of the equipment should be considered as replacing equipment constantly can be expensive. Equipment should be stored in a storage shed or container.