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Multi-Class Athletes

Little Athletics Queensland recognises that people with a disability have the same rights to equality as the rest of the community and that people with a disability become involved in sport for exactly the same reasons as their able-bodied peers.

We aim to provide an inclusive environment in which barriers to involvement are removed and all people with a disability feel welcome and comfortable to participate.

Each disability group has a set of minimal disability criteria that an athlete must meet in order to be eligible to compete as an athlete with a disability.  Athletes must undergo specific Athlete Evaluation or Eligibility processes to obtain a classification.  Evaluation and Eligibility processes are outlined in the Athletics Australia Classification Policy and Procedures.  Athletes with a physical impairment who only intend on competing at a local and State level can apply for a ‘Provisional Classification’ at any time during the year. This is done by completing a form, visiting a physio to get a report, and submitting the paperwork to Queensland Athletics.  For other impairment types (hearing, intellectual, vision etc.), they will need to contact the relevant organisation that provides classifications for them.

Need further information on getting classified use this link.

Centre Level

At a local level, athletes with a disability can access regular activities at a Little Athletics Centre. Often an athlete with a disability will be totally integrated into the existing program without the need for modifications. Sometimes Little Athletics Centres will adapt activities (rules, equipment, etc.) to allow athletes with a disability to participate. The extent of the modifications will depend on the athlete’s level of impairment or disability. Some athletes may only require minor modifications, others may require extensive modifications to become involved. Modifications may also be made in view of phasing them out over time.

Regional & State Level

Little Athletics Queensland offers Multi-Class athlete specific events the Carnivals, Regional Championships,  Winter Championships and State Championships.

Multi-Class athletes are eligible to compete in any of the able bodied events being offered, and also have the option to compete in  specific Multi-Class athlete events.  They may compete in a combination of both, but not the same event in both classes.   Specific Multi-Class events offered are the 100m, 400m & 800m, Long Jump, Discus & Shot Put.   All of these events are offered to specific classifications, with the exception of Long Jump and Discus which are not  offered to wheelchair classified athletes.

At LAQ’s Spring Carnival, Regional, Winter and State Championships, Multi-Class athletes can nominate to compete in specific Multi-Class events being offered, or in any of the able bodied events.  Placings (and medals) at Championship competitions for the Multi-Class events are presented to combined age groups and based on a percentage multi-disability standard for their classification.

Athletes do not need to place at the Regional Championships to progress to the LAQ State Championships.  They have the option of direct nomination to the LAQ’s State Championships for the specific para-events.   They are also eligible to compete in able bodied events, provided they have qualified through their relevant Regional Championship.

For more information, specific rules and the direction nomination form, please click on the appropriate link below.

LAA Guidelines for Multi Class

LAQ Multi-Class Athletes Competition Handbook 

World para Rule Book