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Todd Williams

Todd joined Bracken Ridge Centre in 1999 with his son and daughter.

He was a committee member at the Centre and held a number of positions including Centre Manager, Assistant Centre Manager and Officials / Roster Coordinator.

Todd was a member of the LAQ Competition Committee for seven years and the Officials Committee for two years before joining the LAQ Board in 2008. He was elected as a General Director, where he served for seven years, including four years as Vice President.

Todd has been an active official at Regional level for over 20 years, including time as Centre Delegate, Track Referee and Track Umpire. Todd has been a key official for LAQ over many years in various roles, mainly as Track Referee, but in the beginning he served as Timekeeper and Track Umpire under the mentorship of Paul O’Brien OAM.

From 2011-2018, Todd served on the Board of Little Athletics Australia as Competition Director. During his time on the LAA Board, Todd was the National Technical Committee chairperson and a member of the Age Group Working Party, and he was instrumental in the standardisation of rules across all LAA State Associations.

Todd’s passion for the sport still remains and he can often be found marking the oval at Bracken Ridge during the week. He is proud of the fact that his grandson now enjoys his time at Little Athletics. Additionally, over the past few years, Todd has been officiating at many mid-week school athletics competitions.

Todd has been rewarded with many honours and awards for his contribution to Little Athletics, which include:

• LAQ Merit Award 2010
• Bracken Ridge Centre Life Membership 2011
• LAQ Distinguished Merit Award 2015
• LAQ Life Membership 2018

Todd has been a tremendous servant to Little Athletics for over 20 years and hopes to remain actively involved for many years to come.