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Our People

Little Athletics Centres are run by a strong volunteer base who fulfil different roles within each of our centres. Our centre members support, encourage and teach participants at all levels to be their best.

Parent / Guardians 

Our centres rely on volunteers to play an active part of being involved in the Little Athletics community. There are many different roles within a centre that a parent or guardian might be skilled in and would be comfortable doing.

To support parents and guardian in becoming involved with centre activities, you might want to consider the following:
• Ensure that there is active communication to parents and guardians.
• Provide education about the sport and assist members with finding a role within the Centre.
• Promote the benefits of volunteering at the Centre.
• Involve members in social functions, orientation days & workshops.
• Recognising and acknowledging parents who contribute positively is important.
• Listen to any thoughts and concerns expressed.

Athletes from 5 years to 16 years are the reason that our centres exist. Athletes are our primary consumers, therefore it is important to understand why athletes & families choose to participate in Little Athletics. Some of the reasons for involvement include:
• Low cost.
• Healthy & active.
• Learning new & improving skills.
• Involves the whole family.
• Having fun through participation with friends.
• Competing.

Parent Helpers
Parent helpers assist with the events at Little Athletics competitions. The role is important as it keeps the events moving and provides support to the committee & officials on the ground.
Parent helpers also provide a supportive and positive experience for the athletes.

Each event is managed by officials, who administer the rules of competition. The officials also ensure the events are being run in a safe or orderly manner.

Coaches have the ability to help athletes develop and improve their skills at Centre level.

Interested in learning more about becoming a coach, please click here.