Coles Spring Carnival

Date 25th September 2021 – Subject to COVID restrictions
Venue Bundaberg Region Athletics Facility, Enid Ethel Drive, Bundaberg.  (Venue link).
(For more information about the Bundaberg area, please use this link).
Events First Event starts at – to be confirmed
Draft Event Order (times may be subject to change on the day of competition)
Age Groups & Events Table
Entries Nominated Athletes List
Program Program Booklet (Incl. Full list of Athletes & Rules)
Live Results will be posted during the weekend’s Competition

The Spring Carnival is held each year at the Bundaberg Region Athletics Facility and is open to all U7 – U17 LAQ registered athletes as well as non-LAQ registered (age appropriate) athletes. This Carnival has also been endorsed by QA for registered QA/ANQ U18s+ to participate.
The competition provides a means for Centre athletes a chance to gain additional competition towards the end of or leading into the LAQ season and leading into the higher level school competitions.
To foster team spirit, all athletes registered with a LAQ Centre, through their competing, will earn points towards the Competition’s Centre Weighted Points Trophy.
Spring Carnival 100m Handicap Races are also included in the program.  The first placed athletes in the U9 – U17 age groups are offered an opportunity to compete in the Handicap Races, using handicapped starting distances calculated on each competing athlete’s 100m times.

All LAQ registered athletes as well as non-LAQ registered athletes’ age appropriate U7 – U17’s are eligible for this event (age groups are calculated as at 31st December, please use this link).  QA registered U18’s to Open athletes.  QA athletes with DoB that fall within the LAQ Age Groups shall not compete in U18-Open events, but shall compete in the relevant LAQ age group events.
Note: LAQ registered athletes must wear the approved LAQ Centre uniform and non-LAQ registered members must wear clothes that conform to the LAQ Uniform and SunSafe policies to enter the competition arena.  To view these policies, please click here.    U18 to Open Athletes and will be conducted under agreed IAAF rules (incl. uniform rules).

Multi-Class Athlete Inclusion
LAQ registered and classified ambulant and wheelchair athletes have the opportunity to nominate in multi-class events. Classification is not applicable for participation in standard events at this competition.  All athletes are encouraged to participate and compete in mainstream opportunities where appropriate.  For more specific information regarding LAQ Multi-Class Athlete participation and rules please use this link.

Nomination, Fees & Closing Dates
Eligible athletes may nominate for a maximum of five (5) individual events.
Nominations can be submitted by Individuals to the LAQ Office via Family ResultsHQ Portal, mail, or email by the relevant closing date listed below.  Alternatively, nominations can be submitted through your LAQ Centre by the Centre Closing Date, please check with your Centre Committee.
The ResultsHQ Meet Invite will be released – date to be confirmed.
Person(s) submitting nominations to LAQ must ensure fees are paid (without invoice) by the advertised closing date.  Failure to do so may incur penalties.

Individual Form Nomination:
Closing Date: 9:00am Wednesday – date to be confirmed
LAQ Registered Athlete(s) Nomination Fees: $15.00 per athlete
LAQ Registered Multi-Class Athlete(s) Nomination Fees: $15.00 per athlete
QA Registered Athlete(s) Nomination Fees: $20.00 per athlete
Non-LAQ Registered Athlete(s) Nomination Fees: $20.00 per athlete
Nomination payment details are on the forms.  A confirmation email from LAQ is provided.
Individual Online Nomination:
Closing Date: 9:00am Monday – date to be confirmed
LAQ Registered Athlete(s) Family ResultsHQ Nomination Fees: $15.00 per athlete
Complete all steps including payment.  A system auto generated confirmation email is provided.
Centre Online Nomination(s):
Closing Date: 9:00am Monday – date to be confirmed
Centre ResultsHQ Nomination Fees: $15.00 per athlete