Little Athletics Queensland Online Results will be periodically updated during LAQ Competitions. Online Results are preliminary, and may be affected by Protests or Judges Decisions. Ratified results will be available using links listed under Season Results below.

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2021/2022 Results
Coles Winter Carnival
Coles Spring Carnival
Coles Summer Carnival
McDonald’s State Relay Championships
McDonald’s Combined Event Championships
McDonald’s State Championships

McDonald’s State Championships – Walks Judges Summary Sheets
Event Number 1
Event Number 2
Event Number 11
Event Number 12
Event Number 13
Event Number 14
Event Number 43 & 45
Event Number 44 & 46
Event Number 51 & 52
Event Number 53 – 58

Coles Australian Little Athletics Championships

Nordic Sport Regional Championships

Central North                               Maranoa
North Queensland                      Tropical North

Central Coast                                Downs & South West
Met North                                      Met West
South Coast                                   South East
Sun Coast

Nordic Sport Regional Relays
Downs & South West
Met North                                      Met West
South Coast                                   South East

Archived Result
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