State Affiliate Websites

Important Details and Dates

Centre’s wanting to submit a motion for Conference, can do so through this link.
 Closing date for motions is Friday 19th April.
 Conference motions will be emailed to Centres on Friday 10th May.

Conference Papers
A digital copy of the Conference Handbook will be issued to all Centres. Hard copies will be available for all delegates and observers at the Conference.
If required, other relevant Conference information and papers will be issued with the Handbook.
 Conference Handbook will be emailed to all Centres and posted on the LAQ webpage on Friday 10th May.

Registration of Delegates & Observers
Centres can register up to two delegates for the Conference. There is no limit on the number of observers.

Registrations are to be submitted online using this link.

A copy of the Committee meeting minutes confirming appointment of all delegates and observers must be provided by the registration closing date.

Failure to comply with this will result in delegates not being permitted to vote.
 Closing date for registrations is Friday 17th May.
Payment for all registrations is Friday 24th May.

Each Centre is entitled to two (2) voting delegates.

To be eligible to vote, Centres are required to complete and return the 2024/2025 season Centre and Committee Membership form and pay the LAQ affiliation fee.

If your Centre cannot be represented at the Conference and is located more than 100km from the Conference venue, your Centre is entitled to submit a postal vote for motions.

Motions should be discussed and decided upon at a Centre Committee meeting. Those Centres attending the Conference will vote on motions at Conference. For those Centres submitting a postal vote, the completed postal voting form must be authorised by the Centre Manager and Secretary and returned to LAQ by the dates detailed below.

If there are any amendments proposed to a motion at Conference, postal votes become invalid.

There is also no postal voting on Constitutional motions.
 Centre & Committee Membership form, the affiliation the fee and the Centre minutes are all required by Friday 24th May.
 Closing date for postal votes is Wednesday 29th May.

LAQ Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM will be held on the Sunday of the Conference. At this meeting, the postal voting of nominees for the Board of Director positions will be announced.
Additional information for the AGM, including profiles for Board of Director positions and voting forms will be emails to all Centres.
 Closing date for AGM postal votes is Wednesday 29th May.