Coles Summer Carnival

Date                3rd November 2019

Venue            State Athletics Facility (SAF), Nathan, Brisbane.  (Venue link).                                                                                                                                                                                 Needle spikes are not permitted at this venue .

Events            First Event block starts at 8:30am                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Event Order (times may be subject to change on the day of competition)                                                                                                                                                                     Age Groups & Events Table

Entries           Nominated Athletes List (including events as at noon Thursday – late nominations are not included – see live results)

Program       Program Booklet (Incl. Full list of Athletes & Rules)

Live Results will be posted during the weekend’s Competition
Medal Shots will be at the Carnival as the Official Photographer(s)

The Summer Carnival aims to give all registered athletes in U7 – U17 age groups the opportunity to take part in a large-scale competition, without any of the pressures associated with a Championship.
Additionally it allows the athletes of the U13 age group to register performances that the State Team Selectors may need to refer to later in the season when selecting the State Team.
To foster team spirit, all athletes registered with a LAQ Centre, through their competing, will earn points towards the Competition’s Centre Weighted Points Trophy.
Summer Carnival 100m Handicap Races are also included in the program.  The first placed athletes in the U9 – U17 age groups are offered an opportunity to compete in the Handicap Races, using handicapped starting distances calculated on each competing athlete’s 100m times.
The main purpose of the day is for athletes of all abilities to have an enjoyable day’s competition and foster new friendships.

All LAQ registered U7 – U17’s athletes; and LA registered U13 – U17’s athletes may request approval for participation.
Note: All participating athletes must wear the approved Centre uniform.

Multi-Class Athlete Inclusion
LAQ registered and classified ambulant and wheelchair athletes have the opportunity to nominate in multi-class events. Classification is not a requirement for general participation in this competition.  All athletes are encouraged to participate and compete in mainstream opportunities where appropriate.  For more specific information regarding LAQ Multi-Class Athlete participation and rules please use this link.

Introducing the FAST Program for Tiny Tots and U6’s
FAST is a Fundamental Athletics Skills Training session designed to be run for a one hour duration utilising games and skill development activities to teach the basic, fundamental movement patterns of the events experienced in a Little Athletics competition. Each FAST session is one (1) hour long and will have one warm up activity, one running activity, one jumping activity and one throwing activity. Each of these activities are 10 – 15 minutes duration so that the athletes will experience a lot of skill development in a short amount of time.

Register Interest
Closing Date:                                                                                                                                                    Closed

Nomination, Fees & Closing Dates
Eligible athletes may nominate for a maximum of five (5) individual events.
Nominations can be submitted by Individuals to the LAQ Office via Family ResultsHQ Portal, mail, or email by the relevant closing date listed below.  Or through your LAQ Centre by the Centre Closing Date, check with your Centre Committee.  The ResultsHQ Meet Invite will be released September 2019.
Person(s) submitting nominations to LAQ must ensure fees are paid (without invoice) by the advertised closing date.  Failure to do so may incur penalties.

LATE Individual Form Nomination:
Closing Date:                                                                                          4:00pm Thursday 31st October
LAQ Registered Athlete(s)                                                              Nomination Fees: $30.00 per athlete
LAQ Registered Multi-Class Athlete(s)                                   Nomination Fees: $30.00 per athlete
Nomination payment details are on the forms.

Individual Online Nomination:                                                                                                             Closed

Centre Online Nomination(s):                                                                                                               Closed