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Competition Resources

LAQ Competition Calendar and Fees
2022/2024 LAQ & Centre Competition Calendar Summary
LAQ Competition Summary Dates & Fees

LAQ General Competition Information
2022/2023 LAQ Competition Rules and Regulations
2022 LAA Standard Rules of Competition (incl. Multi-Class)
Regional Coordinator Handbook
Competition Rule Changes June 2021
2021 Uniform competition protocols
LAQ Swedish & Distance Medley Relay Explanation
Relay FAQ
The Role of the Team Manager

Arena Setup
Athletics Track Dimensions and Staggers
Relay Markings for a grass track
Relay Track Marking 4 x 100m
Relay Track Marking 4 x 200m
Relay Track Marking Medley
Relay Track Marking Swedish

Use this link to a simple web page that has been created to calculate 200m, 400m and 800m staggers for any shaped 400m track. It will also calculate straight length if given radius and calculate radius if given straight length.

LAQ Centre Nomination Information & Forms
Centre Use Only)

LAQ Carnivals
Coles Winter Carnival & Centre Nom Form
Coles Winter Carnival non LAQ Nom Form
Coles Spring Carnival Centre Nomination Collection Form
Coles Spring Carnival Athlete Nomination Form
Coles Summer Carnival Centre Nomination Collection Form
Coles Summer Carnival Athlete Nomination Form

LAQ Combined Event Championships
Combined Events Championships Events & Centre Nom Form
Combined Events Championships – Member Nom Form

LAQ State Relays
State Relay Direct Nomination (form used for Winter and Central North Region Centres)

State Championships
State Championships – Application under Special Circumstances
Qualifying Performance Levels

Regional Relays
Regional Relays Events
Regional Relays Centre Athlete Nom Form
Multi-Class Regional & State Relay Direct Nomination (nomination via the Centre)
Regional Teams (Summer – 15 & U17s) Expression of Interest Entry Form (nomination via the Centre)
Regional Relays Alteration Form

Regional Championships
Regional Championships Events & Centre Nom Form
Regional Championships Centre Athlete Nom Form

Non-specific competition forms
Clash Form
Multi Class Athlete – Nomination Form