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McDonald’s Achievement Levels

The McDonald’s achievement levels are calculated from the averages of performances attained by Little Athletics Queensland athletes over the years. A regular review of the levels is conducted at least every three years. Anyone achieving a Green level, which is within the reach of 100% of children with a little application, has achieved a good level of performance. A Red level represents a very good performance, but still achievable by about 65% of children. A Blue level represents an excellent performance achievable by about 20% of Little Athletes. Levels for each age group and all events are detailed on the pink (Girls) or blue (Boys) Achievement Cards.

To receive a McDonald’s Achievement Award Certificate, an athlete must reach the relevant level in all events applicable to their age group in three event groups. For example an U13 athlete would be awarded a Green level certificate if they were to equal or better the Green level times and distances in (1) Hurdles: 60m Hurdles and 200m Hurdles, (2) Sprints: 70m, 100m, and 200m and in (3) Throws: Discus, Javelin and Shot Put. Any event group combination can be used to meet the criteria, as long as the levels in three event groups are attained. Age groups have a varied requirement for the number of Event Groups to achieve an award; these are; two (2) groups for U6s; two (2) for U7s; three (3) groups for U8s and three (3) groups for U9-U17s.

In addition to the standard McDonalds Achievement levels, the Association has also created a Gold level. The Gold level is provided as an optional additional goal for Centres that wish to use it, it is not mandatory. These levels are not included on the standard McDonalds Achievement Cards. The main focus for Centres Committees, parents and athletes should be on the achievements when reaching the McDonalds Green, Red and Blue levels.

The maximum number of certificates an athlete can receive each season is three: one Green level, one Red level and one Blue level.

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