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Service Delivery

All centres provide a unique service to the community. The service delivery a centre provides covers everything from registrations to program delivery.

Centre Registrations

All Little Athletic Centres in Queensland use an online registration platform to accept registrations. There are two different online registration platforms that centres have the option of using and they are GameDay and RegistrationsHQ.

Members both new and re-registering have the ability to register and make payment online for the season. If members are not able to register online centres have the ability to add a members details into the system manually.

In preparation for the new season each centre is required to update their fee subscription and contact information. Centres also need to update access to the registration console should the committee member looking after registrations step down at the end of the season.

Centres are able to communicate directly with their members through both systems. This is a handy function particularly when advertising centre registration days.

Centre Recording

All centres use ResultsHQ which is designed to help centres manage their weekly competition results. Members are also able to login and view their results online at any time.

At the start of the season all centres must conduct a Season Rollover to archive the previous seasons records and get ready for the new season.

Centre Weekly Competitions

During the season centres will hold a weekly competition program for athletes to participate in different track and field events. Centres can modify their programs depending on circumstances for example if the centre had an increase in registrations then a reduced program can be offered.

Centre Training

Centres can offer additional training provided their is enough coaching resources at the centre. Training days give the athletes the opportunity to develop their skills for various athletics events.

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots is a program that is run for children aged 3 and 4 years. This is a modified program that is designed to develop the children’s fundamental movement skills of running, jumping and throwing through fun and enjoyable activities. The aim of the program is to improve the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of the children through a play-based approach that is engaging and stimulating.

NOTE: A child MUST be 3 years of age before they are able to register and participate in the program.

Fundamental Athletics Skill Training (FAST) Program

Centres have the ability to incorporate skill development programs into their Centre Weekly Competitions to ensure that athletes develop and improve their skills.

FAST is designed to be run for a one hour duration utilising games and skill development activities to teach the basic, fundamental movement patterns of the events experienced in Little Athletics competition. This is an eight week program that teaches these skills and leads up to a modified “competition”  at the end of the period.