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Volunteer Management

Volunteers are very much the heart of Little Athletics and centres would not be able to operate without there contributions.

Recruiting volunteers is an important part of making centres sustainable as Little Athletics relies heavily on the unpaid work of volunteers. Centres must maintain a safe and welcoming environment for members to stay involved.

Centre Induction

Each season you will have new families that are unfamiliar with the process of how a Little Athletics centre works. That is why it is important to make them feel part of the team and holding an induction will assist new families in feeling like they are supported.

An induction should be tailored to your centre and provide members with all the information that they will need to undertake their duties. An induction also familiarizes members with the organisational structure and culture of the centre.

Recruitment of Volunteers

Little Athletics centres need a strong volunteer base to function successfully.  It’s important to have a supportive environment that invites members to be involved in their child’s sport or to simply lend a hand to support the centre.

It is also important to understand why members choose to volunteer. The main reasons why members volunteer are; supporting the child, learning new skills, giving back to the sport, love of the sport and to feel useful and needed.

There are many ways to recruit volunteers and some of these ways include;

  • Sports festivals & expo’s
  • Word of mouth (internal/existing members)
  • Recruitment days
  • Centre or school newsletters
  • Face-to-face
  • Flyers in shopping centres
  • Noticeboards
  • Local newspapers
  • Universities/TAFE
  • Social Media
  • Support agencies (i.e Centrelink)
  • Local radio
  • Reaching out to previous members

When you receive an intake of volunteers it’s important that they are provided with all the necessary information required to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Volunteers should receive an information pack.

Retention of Volunteers

Keeping volunteers involved in centre activities is crucial and allows for continued succession. Some ways to retain volunteers include:

  • Keep members engaged by providing roles that match their skill and time restraints
  • Be inclusive of all members that would like to volunteer
  • Regular communication with your members as to what is happening.
  • Celebrate the end of the season as a team.
  • It is important to ask volunteers about their experience during the season. Any feedback will assist the centre in identifying what is done well and what needs some improvement.

Recognition of Volunteers

Recognition of volunteers is vital to making them feel valued and appreciated. There are many ways to recognise volunteers within the centre:

  • Hold a function for the volunteers
  • Having a volunteer of the month and recognising this achievement on social media.
  • Buying a small recognition gift
  • A certificate
  • Thank you notes