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Don Yourell

Don joined Gold Coast Little Athletics Centre in 1975 and served on the committee for a number of years. Don moved to Ashmore Centre in the mid 1980’s and assisted with the formation of their new Centre.

In 1981, Don joined the LAQ Board of Management and was Vice-President from 1980 to 1985 before becoming President from 1989 to 1990.

During his time as Vice-President, Don was a member of the ‘three amigos’ that helped shape the future of Little Athletics in Queensland and in Australia. The other members of the ‘three amigos’ were George Harvey and Ken Watson.

For Don’s commitment and service to Little Athletics in Queensland, he was awarded LAQ’s Distinguished Merit Award in 1987.

Don was heavily involved in Little Athletics not just in Queensland, but also nationally. He was appointed to the position of Secretary / Treasurer on the Little Athletics Australia Board in 1990 and he held that position until 1994.

More recently, Don worked tirelessly on writing and putting together the publication ‘The History of Little Athletics In Queensland’. He spent many months compiling this book with the assistance of George Harvey. Don states in the Foreword to his book – “The motto “Family Fun and Fitness” is not just words, but is the very basis for the movement’s structure from the beginning, to hopefully, well into the future.”

In 2015, Don was recognised for his outstanding contributions to Little Athletics in Queensland with Life Membership.