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McDonald’s State Championships

Date 22nd – 24th March 2024
Venue QSAC, Kessels Rd, Brisbane  (Venue link).
Needle spikes are not permitted at this venue .
  (For more information about the Townsville area, please use this link).
Events First Event starts at 3:00pm
Event Order (times may be subject to change on the day of competition)
Arena Map
Centre Event Allocation
Entries Nominated Athletes List
Program Program Booklet (Incl. Full list of Athletes & Rules)
Note Event Information Notice
  All competing athletes must wear the approved LAQ Centre uniform.
Online Results will be posted during the weekend’s Competition

The McDonald’s State Championships is the final major competition in the LAQ calendar.  LAQ registered athletes from all corners of the State take part in this annual event in the hope of becoming the State Champion in their chosen event.
The U13 State Team is selected at these Championships.  The performance of the U13’s at this event plays a significant part in their selection.  For more information on State Team, please click here.
Athletes and parents, please come prepared for all types of weather as the competition will only be cancelled under extreme weather conditions.

Eligibility & Nomination
U9 – U17 athletes; qualifying 1st – 4th placegetters can nominate.
In additional to placegetters, U9 – U17’s by competing at the Regional Championships and achieving a “Qualifying Performance Level” also qualify and can nominate.
Additional Qualifiers Nomination Form
Only LAQ registered and classified U9 – U17 Multi-Class athletes, who have participated at the Regional Championships, have the opportunity to direct nominate in multi-class events.  For more specific information regarding LAQ Multi-Class Athlete participation and rules please use this link.
Multi-Class Direct Nomination Form

Centres process all nominations
Qualifying athletes must advise their Centre Committee if they are not able to participate as soon as possible.
Declaration of Nominations are emailed to Centres.

Fees & Closing Dates
Person(s) submitting nominations to LAQ must ensure fees are paid (without invoice) by the advertised closing date.  Failure to do so may incur penalties.

Closing Date: 9:00am Monday 27th February
Nomination Fee: $6.00 / event