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The future direction of your Centre is important and all Centres need to take actions that will support and foster growth.

Planning is a foundational support that provides the Committee with direction to better prepare the Centre for each season.

There are two key steps to developing the Centres plan:
• The goals and objectives set should be specific, achievable and realistic. All goals and objectives should have a timeframe in which they are completed.
• What is required to achieve these goals and objectives. A strategy or action plan should be set.

Any plans that are implemented at the Centre should have achievable and realistic goals.
It’s important to consider the Centres future and have set plans in place to guarantee that the Centre will be around for future generations. There are specific plans that a Centre can implement to assist with it’s operation. These plans are:
• Strategic Plans
• Succession Plan
• Financial Plan

Strategic Plan
A strategic plan outlines the direction of the Centre with the future in mind. Strategic plans provide stability for Centres and assist with identifying the following:
Identifies strengths and weaknesses of the Centre
Provides clarity in with uncertainties during the season
Identifies what resources Centres have and what is lacking
Opportunities for sponsorship and grants
The strategic plan should be agreed too and approved by the committee. The committee should be monitoring the plan operation at their meetings to ensure that goals and deadlines are being reached.

Succession Plan
A succession plan is necessary to provide a smooth transition in key committee roles. The plan provides opportunities to identify and develop members to fill positions, so that when a member leaves all the knowledge and information doesn’t leave with them.
A succession plans should include:
Job descriptions for each positions and list of roles required the Centre. The roles are not only committee position but also non committee positions.
Developing supporting positions
Policies and procedure manual which outlines the day to day tasks at the centre, and who is responsible for carrying them out.
Consider incentives for being on the committee.
Reporting process.
Development opportunities for potential committee members.
Clear and concise records of suppliers, sponsors and other contacts relevant to the Centre.
Identifying any barriers to the plan

Financial Plan
To build a financial plan the committee need to look at the previous season’s revenue and expenses to begin to put a plan together.
The following should be taken into consideration when putting together the financial plan:
Income that is generated through member registrations, sponsorship, fundraising, & canteen.
Successful grant applications.
Expenses of running the Centre which would be water rates, uniforms, audit etc.
Calculate costs for projects that the centre may undertake.
Financial reports should be presented at each committee meeting for the committee to review and adjust the plan if required.

Season Planning

All centres should conduct a planning session as a committee.