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Centre Administration

To run a Centre efficiently and effectively, it all starts with sound administration practices.
All Little Athletic Queensland Centres operate under a Centre Constitution and must be incorporated with the Office of Fair Trading.
The Management Committee is responsible for the operation of the Centre and has authority to make decisions, set procedures and monitor the performance.

Election of a Committee
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held to elect a committee for the new season. The purpose of the AGM is also to report to the members within the centre about the activities of the previous season.
Your AGM should be held within three months of the close of the financial year (31st March or 30th September – whichever applies to your Centre).

For information on how to conduct your Centres AGM, please click here.

Incorporation provides Centres with a legal identity, separate from the individuals who make up the centre. With the organisation having a legal existence, it can conduct business in its own name for example:
• protects centre members, to a certain extent, from being sued individually;
• sign documents and enter into contracts;
• buy, sell, own, lease and rent property and other assets;
• can receive grants from government and other philanthropic groups; and
• borrow money

Centres are required to renew their incorporation each year and this should be completed after your Centres Annual General Meeting. To access further information, please click here.

Affiliation with LAQ
All Little Athletics Centres must be affiliated with Little Athletics Queensland each season. Affiliation provides centres with the following benefits:
• National Insurance
• ResultsHQ Management System Access
• Registration Packs
• Advertising
• Online Registration system
• LAPS (School Visits)
• LAQ Conference representation
• Monthly mailouts
• Centre Support
• Equipment Grants
• Athlete access to LAQ Competitions

All centres must complete a Centre & Committee Membership form at the start of the season. To access this form, please click here.

Administration Resources

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