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Registration Options and Costs

Registration must be completed for all Conference attendees, including for delegates, observers, and guests. Registration will only be accepted through the online Conference Registration platform.

Registration Options

Option 1

Full Conference (all Business Sessions & Conference Dinner)

$375.00 / person

Option 2

One Day (Saturday) Attendance (excluding Conference Dinner)

$210.00 / person

Option 3

One Day (Sunday) Attendance (excluding Conference Dinner)

$210.00 / person

Option 4

Conference Dinner (Saturday night) only

$110.00 / person

Any additional costs incurred due to changes to Centre registrations after the closing date, will be charged to the Centres/individuals.
 Use this link to register.
*   Closing date for Conference registrations is midnight Friday 17th May
Please list any special dietary needs at the time of registration. 
Any Centre experiencing difficulties lodging registrations should email 

*    Payments of Conference fees is required by Friday 24th May.   Payments must be made as a direct deposit to LAQ’s bank account per
      details below. 
                              BSB 633 000
                              Account No. 1256 10782
                              Ref Conf_“CentreAbbrev” e.g. AR_Conf

In accordance with the Association and Centre Constitutions, confirmation of appointment as the Centre’s delegate is required. Any changes to those representing the Centre as delegates or observers must be authorised by the Centre Committee and provided in writing to LAQ.
 Proof of appointment required by Friday 24th May

The Association offers a travel subsidy, for those Centres attending the Conference, who’s Centre competition venue is located more than 250km from the Conference venue. The subsidy is automatically paid to attending Centres after the Conference as follows:
                                 0-250km $0                                                               251-500km $300/Centre
                                 501-750km $400/Centre                                  751km + $500/Centre