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Centre Committees & Meetings

Centre Committee

A strong Centre Committee is vital to a successful centre. The committee’s key function is to:

• To oversee the centres resources successfully to ensure continued viability and effectiveness for the present and future
• Make decisions & take action on matters
• Develop policies & procedures
• Financial management
• Manage organisation risk
• Complaint handling & dispute resolution process
• Train and educate members

The committee also needs to have an understanding of their roles and responsibilities. For information regarding centre committee roles, please click here.

Centre Meetings

Meetings are important part of centre operations. The committee should be holding regular committee meetings during the season.

There are several types of meetings that a centre may hold through the season and they are:

• General/Special Meetings
• Committee Meetings
• Annual General Meetings

The most frequent meetings that a centre will hold are Committee Meetings. These meetings are essential for smooth operation of your centre. During the meeting it’s important for committee members to:

• Keep to the agenda
• Follow meeting procedures & protocols
• Allow for discussion & debate but keep things moving
• All Committee should value the opinions of others and encourage all members to contribute to the discussion
• Items brought to a close with a decision or recommendation being made at the meeting

After the meeting the minutes and action list should be sent out to all Committee and also to the Little Athletics Queensland office.

For more information on these particular meeting, please refer to the Centres Constitution