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Little Athletics Queensland Awarded $25,000 Grant

In a significant stride towards enhancing female participation in sports, Little Athletics Queensland (LAQ) has been honoured with a substantial $25,000 grant from the Active Women & Girls Fund. Facilitated by the Queensland Government, this funding initiative aims to actively engage women and girls in sports endeavours throughout their lifetimes, thereby promoting holistic well-being and empowerment.

LAQ’s successful grant application, submitted in December, underscored the organisation’s commitment to its comprehensive program titled ‘Stronger Women, Stronger Little Athletes.’ This multifaceted approach encompasses three key areas aimed at enriching the sporting experience for women and girls across Queensland.

Firstly, the grant will bolster efforts to augment the skillset of volunteer committees, particularly focusing on women residing in remote areas. By extending travel subsidies, LAQ aims to alleviate logistical barriers and facilitate greater participation in administrative roles, thereby fostering a more inclusive sporting environment.

Secondly, LAQ plans to subsidize the costs associated with officials and coaching courses for women, thereby enabling aspiring female officials and coaches to pursue professional development opportunities. This initiative will enhance the skill level within those sporting positions.

Furthermore, the grant will enable LAQ to provide free coaching and officials training tailored to retaining young women aged 15-20 in the sport post-competition. By offering targeted support and mentorship, LAQ endeavours to cultivate a supportive ecosystem that nurtures the continued involvement of young women in athletics.

Despite boasting nearly half of athletes are female and a significant female representation within committee ranks, LAQ recognizes the pivotal role this grant plays in furthering our mission. Leveraging this funding opportunity not only promises to uplift the lives of women and girls within the community but also holds the potential to catalyse positive transformation within the sport itself.

“This grant represents a fantastic opportunity for us to harness resources towards creating a more inclusive and empowering sporting landscape for women and girls,” remarked Christopher Davis, CEO at LAQ. “We are committed to utilising these funds judiciously to drive meaningful change and foster a culture of equality and excellence within our sport.”

As Little Athletics Queensland embarks on this transformative journey, it stands poised to not only empower women and girls but also to usher in a new era of progress and inclusivity within the realm of athletics.

Further information on these subsidies and programs will be rolled out gradually over the course of the next 12 months.